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2018 State Scholarship Application

2018/ 2019 MCEF (IIMC) Scholarship Application for CMC

2018/2019 MCEF (IIMC) Scholarship Application for MMC

2018 NEMCI&A Registration Form - Institute(s) I and II Students

2018 NEMCI&A Registration Form - Institute(s) III and ACADEMY Students 



NEMCI Information Chair

Louise R. Phaneuf, CMC
Town of Burrillville, RI
105 Harrisville Main Street
Harrisville, RI 02830

"Having the opportunity to learn and visit with colleagues from the New England region, I was extremely impressed with the dedication and commitment to life-long learning exhibited by the Institute and members of this Association.  Their partnership is an example that many within the organization should strive to emulate."


Vincent Buttiglieri
58th IIMC President

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