Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • The Northeast Document Conservation Center (www.nedcc.org) provides a series of technical leaflets relative to Disaster Planning and Recovery which can be accessed at http://www.nedcc.org/welcome/disaster.htm. The pamphlet titled "Disaster Planning" will serve as a good introduction to concepts and terms. NEDCC also offers a “Worksheet for Outlining a Disaster Plan.” This information is core action material which will make your response plan work. It must be maintained and updated as personnel turn over, telephones change, and suppliers come and go. See http://www.nedcc.org/plam3/index3.htmfor a list of online technical pamphlets.

  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency maintains a site on General Salvage Techniques at http://www.fema.gov/rrr/ers_wl2.shtmwhich reviews salvage techniques by types of collections including: electronic records, photographs, and paper.

  • For a review of sample final plans, visit “Disaster Plans” at CoOl: http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/bytopic/disasters/plans/

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